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Wix For SEO: Wix Websites Work Fine For Search (SEO)

WIX Websites For SEO
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Wix is one of the biggest website publishing platforms in the world, thousands or even millions of sites are built by Wix. They provide an easy, effective way for webmasters to create a site by using a clearly-defined ‘drag and drop’ system. However, over the years, webmasters were quite certain that Wix websites were bad for SEO, people were posting case studies, news sites were labeling them and it crippled their reputation. Google even dropped every single Wix website from appearing in search for a small time frame, so yes things weren’t going well for Wix. Ever since they have had a reputation of not being able to deliver high rankings for their client’s custom-built websites. I could imagine this was a big deal for them, therefore they started an ‘SEO Hero‘ challenge.

Put simply, they started a competition on the web, challenging other websites to rank for the term ‘SEO Hero’ and if that site ranks top in 4 months time they’ll give you an outstanding $50,000. Yep, pretty bizarre, I’m guessing they are going to compete themselves with a Wix site setup.

I don’t believe that a Wix site can’t pull a decent search engine ranking, but what may affect the SEO side of things is the access that users may have to their Wix site. It may be very minimal which will affect the webmaster from making specific changes to their sites structure, permalinks, and optimisation and this will affect the end result of bettering Google’s understanding of your site. As an example, are Wix sites able to change their posts URL structure? Back-end code? All of these things come into play when improving a site from a technical SEO perspective.

Wix sites are ranked just like any other site. After all of the drama regarding Wix sites for SEO, Google has finally given us all an answer we were looking for. I’m sure Wix are over the moon with this.

John Mueller who works for Google replied to a webmaster on their Google forum about Wix and he replied with the following message:

“WIX websites work fine in search. There are a lot of different setups for new websites. I wouldn’t focus too much on a single provider, but rather think about the bigger picture: which will make it easiest for you to maintain your site (adding/changing content)? If you’re getting help from others for your site, is there one that they have experience in, which might make it easier / cheaper? Which one offers the features that you think you’ll need in the mid-term? There are probably a few options that could work for you, so maybe it makes sense to just try some of them out and see which one works best for you — websites are websites for Google. :)”

I’m glad John and the Google team have decided to comment on this, maybe this will help restore Wix’s reputation for SEO.

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