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What Keyword Density Should You Use In Your Content Moving Forward?

Keyword Density for Search (SEO)
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Good question, if you’re curious regarding keyword density then you’re learning a thing or two about on-page optimisation, wrap some keyword density along with an optimised title, heading(s) and image(s) and you’ll have yourself a page that Googlebot can easily crawl and understand. However, what’s the best keyword density for SEO, how many times should you reference your target keyword in your content? There are a lot of mixed opinions on the KW density subject, I thought I’d create this blog post to better people’s density understandings.

First off, let’s start with the fundamentals: what is keyword density? Keyword density is the number of times (normally calculated by percentages) that a certain phrase has been mentioned on your pages content, it’s widely used by SEO’s and webmasters to ensure that their target search query is referenced in their content a /decent/ amount of times. Search engines may or may not use keyword density as a factor to determine whether or not a page is relevant to a specified keyword or search query.

As an example, if a blogger is creating a post on ‘keyword density for SEO’ – then will make sure that they reference ‘keyword density for SEO’ exactly 10 times in their 1000 word post. Therefore the keyword density for this keyword will be 1% or 4% considering how many words are in this phrase. I’m sure you get the gist.

Let’s get back to the real answer, there isn’t one. There is no recommended keyword density that you should follow, you shouldn’t be worrying whether or not your target keyword has a density of 3%, 5% of 0.3% – we’re aware that if you try and over-optimise your page then you may be hit with a spam filter from Google that will probably end up crippling your site’s search performance.

A wide range of different expert SEO’s, webmasters and optimisation professionals agree that there isn’t a set rule when it comes to keyword density – you should simply write you content that has a natural feeling. If it makes sense to reference your target keyword, reference it, don’t be put off by how many times you’ve referenced your keyword, if they are being used properly that makes sense, it should be ok. Even Matt Cutts stated above in the video I attached that ‘it’s not how it works’.

Let me know what you think about keyword density – what rules do you follow, if so, why? Have you seen success using a certain percentage? Let us know – we’re all ears.

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