The start of something extraordinary (I hope)

First Blog Post by Semtuts
Morning all - at the time of writing this post it's very cold, windy and frosty outside and I am happy to be writing our first-ever post on the Semtuts blog. Happy days, I will most certainly be cracking open a beer this evening - cheers!
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I’m hoping that this is the start of something extraordinary for the SEO community, I understand that there are currently lots of well-developed SEO blogs currently out there, however, we’re looking to do something different, something more collaborative that will allow knowledgeable individuals to share their ideas, implementations, and analysis. Our mission is to turn this blog into the ‘place to be’ to find out everything and anything related to search engine marketing, whether you’re a technical person, a keyword-tapping spreadsheet warrior or a link builder – we’ll have everything for everyone, covering the basic fundamentals to the technical implementations that everyone wants to know about.

Search is an ever-changing industry, things are happening left right and center and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. Google is primarily principle and theory, “some” best practices are covered and the community have had those implementations confirmed by Google themselves, but there are lots of mysteries, lots of untold algorithms. If you’re an SEO yourself, you’ll know that everyone has their own opinion re an algorithm change or something that needs to be implemented to a site. Some will say that ‘this is the right approach’, some will disagree and others will agree – there are no ‘real answers’. Even (Sorry Garry), Garry Illyes has sometimes tweeted things that aren’t confirmed, Google employees have crafted different answers to a question (Check out our Answers From Google category). It is honestly difficult to stay up to date with and to realize what’s right and what isn’t, it’s always nice to have your implementation confirmed before proceeding with a go-live deployment. You’ll find yourself replicating tests over and over to see what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why we have created this blog, community or whatever you’d like to call it – we are still relatively new, we don’t even know ourselves yet, but we want to help everyone. If you’re looking for answers to a question, need some help, or dying to get a question off your chest – we’re all ears. That’s what this website is here for. Oh & we’re also on the lookout for some writers. Welcome, all.

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Brett is currently working as a full-time SEO Analyst for a leading, international eCommerce company that recently won a Queens Award For Enterprise. In addition, he's also worked client side for 3 years at a digital agency, managing just over 20 local SEO projects. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to technical SEO and he's well known for his consultancy during https site-wide deployments.

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