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The SEMtuts blog started late 2016, with the intention of being the next-biggest go-to source for all things related to SEM.

The site has been created to discuss the latest algorithm gossip at Google, industry trends, algo changes and to teach others about the different aspects involved in all-things SEM. This includes SEO, PPC, Technical SEO, Local SEO & we’d like to ‘eventually’ get into some social, affiliate marketing and more.

Our ideal visitor(s) are small business owners and webmasters that are looking to further improve their knowledge of how SEO can help their business.

We’re on the look out for experienced guest bloggers to help contribute to the SEMtuts site, bloggers that are genuine, good writers and are great authors. We are only on the look out for bloggers that are looking to promote their own work/blog, we’re not actively looking to work with link builders that are solely looking for links. We only accept high quality, unique posts.

Guest Posting Rules / Guidelines

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post to the SEMtuts site, please read through the following guidelines, as we are very strict and take these guidelines seriously.

1) We like lots of content, therefore your guest post contain at least 650 words in order to be considered. Your post must also be some-what relevant to the topics that we cover here on SEMtuts, SEO, Local, Technical, PPC, Google, Algorithms, Trends, Social, Link Building .. you get the gist.

2) Your post must be well formatted and contain the correct mark-up, including heading tags and paragraph tags.

3) Your post must contain at least one image, more the better.

4) Only contain links to relevant sources, our team reserve the right to be able to remove links as we wish, or the article itself at any stage in the future.

5) We carefully read the article, we check links and if the content has been used else where on the web. We take duplicate content very seriously, please don’t waste your time, we will find it. Any irrelevant links in your content will be removed, please no keyword stuffing or over-optimisation.

6) Once the guest post has been submitted to our site, we’d appreciate it if you could share your hard work on your social profiles (if you have any).

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