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How I Increased A Window Cleaners Organic Revenue by 1000% In Just 60 Days

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In this post, you’ll learn how I ranked a window cleaners website to the top of the search results in just under 2 months for local-based keywords. As a result of this, he saw a 1000% ROI and such an increase in business that he had to stop the SEO service.

That’s right, he saw such a significant increase in the number of leads that his site was generating that he had to put an end to the service because he couldn’t handle anymore. Impressive stuff, I was quite chuffed with the outcome, so was he.

In this post you’ll learn what happens when you implement gorilla SEO tactics to a small window cleaners site, resulting in the site ranking 1st for every ‘window cleaning’ phrase for his local town + every other town within a 10-mile radius of his location.

Expanding on what I mean by every ‘window cleaning phrase’ this should give you an idea:

  • window cleaning [location]
  • window cleaner [location]
  • window cleaner in [location]
  • best window cleaner [location]
  • cheap window cleaner [location]
  • affordable window cleaner [location]
  • and a whole lot more phrases, he ranked for everything related to window cleaning.

It’s fun working on local-SEO projects, as the competition is minimal and you see a significant increase in their organic revenue due to the implementation(s) you have conducted to their site. It feels good + I like to help other people, why not?

That’s crazy, how did you do it?

It was an easy job, in fact, I was budgeted to work on this project for just only 5 hours PER month. I went a little over the budget, but for a good cause. This was only achievable because the competitiveness for local window cleaning keywords was near-to-none, his site was competing against static HTML sites that had only 6 pages indexed in Google. I received this brief when I worked agency-side and oh my, I was keen to get going as soon as possible.

I would name the business, but as I no longer work agency-side, I am still bound by the exit contract to not release any client names without their written consent. Before I proceed with how I did this, and what I did exactly, here were the OSE/Majestic metrics before getting started:

  • Domain Registered: 17-Jan-2013;
  • Domain Authority: 9;
  • Page Authority: 21;
  • Trust Flow: 10;
  • Citation Flow: 31;
  • External Backlinks: 28
  • Referring Domains: 6

As you can see from the above metrics, there isn’t anything special about this domain. It’s not that authoritative but at least it’s been around for a couple of years and it’s not sitting in Google’s sandbox. I noticed one spammy .xyz domain that was pointing a couple links to their site in this process. I knew I could have some fun with this domain.

Phase 1/9) Check the search volume for possible search queries

I’m not a fan of keyword research for local based keywords, as the chances are the search volume will be near-to-none but I thought I’d give it a try before proceeding with the on-page stuff. Plus, the client wanted to know *roughly* how many people were searching for window cleaning services around his area, and if people were searching for generic terms like ‘window cleaners’ or for specific services like the following:

  • Conservatory cleaning;
  • Gutter cleaning;
  • Solar panel cleaning;
  • Skylight cleaning;
  • Fascia cleaning.

After tapping away on SEMrush and other tools to find some generic and long-tail keyword variations, it turns out that the majority of people search more generically, the search volume wasn’t huge but I knew there was an opportunity here for the business to grow if they were dominating the SERP’s. He wanted to be known as the number #1 window cleaner in his local town, plus all of the surrounding areas. He’s got the workforce but his website just wasn’t cutting it for him, as his van was primarily generating all of the leads (he has his phone number, company name, and services printed on his van). Therefore, we decided to primarily focus on the more generic phrases like ‘window cleaners [location] and other abbreviations.

Phase 2/9) Eyeball on their competitor’s website and link profile

This part was fun and it only took a couple of minutes, then I realized that it wouldn’t take me to long to get this site ranking top. As you could imagine ..

.. So, that’s it, folks, that’s how I got their site ranking for not only their primary location but other towns within a 10-mile radius. I would’ve loved to have shown the results from Webmaster tools post-launch, I, however, don’t have access to this data anymore.

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