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SEMrush Review: A Complete SEO Tool For Any SEM Professional

SEMrush Review
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If you aren’t aware of what SEMrush is and how it can help your SEO efforts, you’ve come to the right place. I’m guessing you were snooping around on the web for SEMrush related search terms, looking for SEMrush reviews or just generally looking around the SEMtuts blog for more info regarding all things search. This post is dedicated to reviewing SEMrush’s features, purpose and it’s diverse set of tools to help you climb the ranking ladders.

What is SEMrush

Good question, SEMrush is a very well-known comprehensive SEO tool that’s known to kick ass when it comes to keyword analysis, it offers competitive data and it’s primarily designed for digital marketing professionals, SEO specialists, analysts and even PPC experts. It’s part of my fundamental toolset when it comes to doing my day-to-day activities. If you’re a lover of Majestic, Ahrefs or Moz: Open Site Explorer you’ll find yourself loving SEMrush.

What Features Does SEMrush offer?

SEMrush currently has a wide range of features (they are adding more enhancements all the time), here are some of their additions to their awesome piece of kit:

Yes, I know, lots of tools to choose from. All of these will help shape and better your search efforts. You can grab the majority of these tools for a monthly cost of $99.95 here – it’s an absolute bargain compared to the other tools currently on the market, plus ‘it’s just as good as’ Majestic, Moz OSE and Ahrefs (I personally feel).

Okay, cool, let’s dive deep into each of the features of SEMrush.

Keyword Analysis

Before proceeding with an SEO or PPC campaign, it’s vital to do some keyword research before hand to even know what keywords to target, as these will be the keywords that drive qualified traffic that (hopefully) converts your customers, you need to know what people are specifically searching for in your niche. Right?

SEMrush Keyword Analysis

Therefore, I’m proud to announce the awesome SEMrush Keyword Research tool. it’s exceptionally good to find the right keywords for your campaigns, whether it’s SEO or PPC and it’s bloody brilliant to get a list of long-tail keywords. I’ve never seen any other tool that’s just as good as SEMrush to obtain a mixture of long-tail search queries. As an example you can type in your primary search query and also an ‘include’ keyword, so therefore if you type in ‘SEO’ and an ‘include’ keyword of ‘how to’ – it will generate a ton of ‘how to’ long-tail queries.

SEMrush Long Tail Keywords

The SEMrush keyword research feature collects a wide range of well-tried and tested keywords in your niche, the keywords that users are specifically searching for in the SERP’s and you’ll get an outline of how popular those keywords are via the ‘Volume’ metric. Not only that, but it collects all of the top landing pages that are ranking for those keywords, so you can see exactly who’s dominating the scene and their exact landing page.

Not only does SEMrush’s keyword tool grab the best generic keywords, but it also gets together the long-tail keywords that don’t require much effort to rank for. So whether you’re a small or large sized business looking to pick up some wins without much effort from an SEO perspective, or even a PPC for what matter (low CPC keywords), these will definitely help your search strategy moving forward, as it may just only take a couple minutes optimising a landing page to start ranking.

Keyword Difficulty

We know, we know, you have a list of keywords but it’s not as easy as that to start ranking for them. You lots of keywords that are generating a ton of traffic .. brilliant, but how do you identify the keywords that don’t have much competition? It’s easy to identify that the term ‘SEO’ generates traffic – but you probably aren’t going to rank for that term anytime soon. SEMrush’s keyword difficulty tool is a beast.

SEMrush Keyword Difficulty

The tool can be used to find keywords with minor competition and it will give you an estimate keyword difficulty score instantly (% out of 100). Once SEMrush has collated the data and you have a big set of non-competitive keywords, it’ll only take a landing page with perfect optimization to start appearing. Replicate that strategy and you’ll find yourself generating a whole bunch of traffic from relevant search queries – regardless of how good your link profile is. (great way to get started).

Keyword Position Tracking

This tool makes honestly does put the cherry on top, if you’re currently spending your hand earned money on another rank tracking tool, it may be worth canceling and grabbing yourself an SEMrush license, as it has rank tracking built in.

SEMrush Position Tracking

The rank tracking tool has location-specific features, so it’ll be like your conducting the search from your very own city, if you’re looking to grab positioning data as if you were located in London, you’re able to do that. This will also give you the chance to discover local competitions, group keywords with tags to better your internal searchin’ and you can also target different devices. As mobile-first is coming down the road, you’ll need to start tracking your mobile ranking(s) very soon.

Site Audits

Site audits are becoming an increasingly popular feature amongst all of the SEO tools, I’ve even noticed an increase in the number of agencies that are offering site audits as a service – so this tool is definitely one to have in your SEO handbag.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool

The SEMrush Site Audit tool allows you to conduct an overall health check of your site SEO-wise, it prioritizes SEO issues and decides what needs to be fixed from both a non-technical and technical POV and it also tracks optimization progress which is pretty handy.

If you’re looking for a tool that will outline all of the pesky errors on your site, this is your dream tool moving forward. At the moment the tool currently looks out for the following on your site and can reports back to you re any improvements:

  • Internal and external link structure;
  • Title tags – what pages have them, what pages don’t;
  • Titles, meta descriptions and other unique HTML tags that are responsible for bettering Google’s understanding of your page(s);
  • Broken links and images that aren’t optimized;
  • Detect and erase of pages errors;
  • Duplicate content and copy that has been referenced more than once;
  • Tons of other elements that’s included.

Social Media Research

A tool that’s not specifically search related, but it’s a pretty cool addition to the SEMrush package, plus .. who doesn’t love extra stuff? (I do!) This tool allows you to keep track of / and or add social media campaigns, spy on your competition, research your competitors and visualize your data in a nice GUI (# of likes, posts, engagement, activity etc).

SEMrush Social Media Tool

This may seem like gobbledygook, (yes, what?) but it’s worthwhile investigating if you have any social campaigns on the side that may need some additional work. Social helps keep your link profile diverse (remember that) – plus, social signals are a great way of getting Google to regularly index your site.

Brand Monitoring

We all know how important it is to manage your online reputation, whether that’s someone trash talking your company on the web, someone giving out false information or a staff member being a nonsense outside the workplace – it does happen. Can it be controlled? Absolutely.

A lot of business owners don’t really have the time to manage their online reputation, it sounds nonsense but they just don’t, and unless they have a lot of money under their belt they won’t outsource that work to an external company, instead they will ignore it and hope for the best. Well, folks, as part of the SEMrush tool you’ll have the opportunity to start managing your brand’s reputation via the web, this will give you the chance to track backlinks, track mentions and discover new opportunities in the market. It’s a must have tool to stay up to date with what’s happening and who’s talking about your business.

SEO Ideas & Implementations

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Well, it can be yes. This SEMrush tool will outline the weaknesses of your site and how it can be improved to manipulate the ranking algorithms even further to better the performance of your website, it will give you actionable recommendations based on the data it collects – you can then use this data to compare it to your competitors that are ranking in the same niche. Hmmmm (money face).

It’s difficult to stay up to date with what’s happening on your site, whether that’s making sure each page title is optimized correctly, ensuring that pages have the correct heading sequence, structured markup, href lang optimization, pagination etc – lots to do and the workload will only get bigger. This tool will help you prioritize what needs to be done and will save your team the manual job of going through your content and sweeping out all the nonsense.

Organic Traffic Insights

Ever seen the ‘not provided’ phrase in GA? (Google Analytics) – damn, we see that one a lot and it’s quite stressful. What is that data Google .. well, thank god, SEMrush can help us out here and the organic traffic insights tool will in fact ‘unlock’ that data for you. It will give you a detailed list of keywords that’s driving traffic to your page(s).

Take control of your data and receive powerful insights in regards what keywords you are appearing for, the search volume of those keywords and where you stand currently in the SERP’s. You can also merge both GA and SEMrush together to compile this data, yes we know, we know, it’s awesome. That’s why we have a SEMrush license.

Backlink Analysis

Whether you’re registered at Majestic, Moz OSE, Ahrefs – you’ll never have ‘all’ of your backlink data, from personal experience, I have had the best results with SEMrush in terms of finding toxic links that are crippling my sites performance in search – especially those pesky .xyz domains. The SEMrush backlink tool can find a ton of backlinks using the search console integration feature, it will proactively find both decent and dangerous sites referencing your site’s link.

SEMrush Backlink Tool

Built into the tool, you’re able to create a disavow file which can then be exported from the tool itself and uploaded to Google’s disavow page. Along with each link it finds, SEMrush will provide you with several metrics to help determine whether or not the page is toxic – including domain store, trust score and a general outline of that references link profile/page metrics (link directories, low domain power, navigational structure, geo, weak domains, deviant follow/no follow ratio – lots of metrics).

Analytics Reports

Lastly, SEMrush’s analytics report(s) top it off. In fact they have multiple features bulked into one tool, including the following:

  • Organic Research;
  • Advertising Research;
  • Display Advertising;
  • Backlink Report;
  • Video Advertising Research;
  • Keyword Research;
  • Product Listing Ads.

I know right, it just gets better and better. You’ll have to explore all of the above features yourself, as this will probably be the longest post man-kind has ever read – but there are lots of features to grab hold of in SEMrush’s tool. It’s definitely a must-have piece of kit if you’re looking to take your organic strategy forward. (remember that SEO is free, it’s OK to invest money into tools).

Try SEMrush for free, right now

Now’s your chance to test the SEMrush tool for yourself, type in your URL and you’ll be re-directed to a dashboard outlining some very useful information re your site from an SEO perspective

If you have any questions re my SEMrush review, please do leave a comment and we can about all things re SEMrush. Have an awesome day all.

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