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Scrapebox Proxy Sources: The Best Proxy Source List For Higher Success Rates

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If you’re a regular Scrapebox user, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to find decent scrapebox proxy sources. You would’ve navigated the entire web looking for proxies to use with scrapebox and it turns out they are all rubbish and they all yield poor success rates. You would’ve Googled search terms like ‘best proxies for scrapebox, ‘buy proxies for scrapebox’, ‘scrapebox proxies list’ and so on .. still, probably not much luck. Welcome to my world, it’s time to change that.

Benefits of Using Proxies With Scrapebox

In this article I will be sharing the best sources to get yourself some decent scrapebox proxies, proxies aren’t as easy to obtain as are scrapebox footprints and comment lists, but there are some sources that provide relatively good ones to ensure that you scrape data more efficiently. Before using proxies with scrapebox, I was scraping roughly 20 URL’s a second, whereas with proxies I’m scraping just over 200 URL’s a second. That’s a crazy good increase for a relatively cheap price at which I bought my proxies at.

By adding proxies into your workflow when using scrapebox, expect to see an increase in the number of URL’s scraped which will also give you the ability to perform more PageRank lookup’s, indexed page checks and faster blog commenting. It honestly does speed the process up, if you aren’t using proxies then you’re doing it wrong and you are probably wasting a lot of time. Grab some scrapebox proxies. In order to obtain some decent results from your scrapebox client, you’ll need to purchase a proxy list, otherwise, you’ll be running off of public proxies that are very slow.

Different Types of Scrapebox Proxies

There are three types of proxies that you can purchase, bearing in mind that these proxies are better than having no proxies: private proxies and shared proxies. Sounds confusing right? It’s pretty straight forward. A private proxy will mean that you’re the only one using that IP. If it’s shared, this means other people will also be using the same proxy which may result in the proxies speed being slower (but it’s better than nothing). Shared proxies tend to be a lot cheaper than private because multiple people will be using them, private are much faster but more costly. I guess it really depends on your requirements, if you’re looking for the fastest connection, go for private over shared. If I were you I would try both and see how you get on.

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My Personal Scrapebox Proxy Source List

Below are some of the best proxies for scrapebox I have used, primarily because they are very fast at such a cheap rate. It’s honestly worth investing a couple bucks into a months supply of proxies for Scrapebox, otherwise, you probably won’t obtain the results you’re looking for.

1) – FROM $1.49/PM
2) Lime Proxies – FROM £4.99/PM
3) – FROM $10/MONTH

These list of proxy suppliers will definitely help you on your journey to becoming a scrapebox champ, once you start using proxies with scrapebox there is no going back, the speed is just too fast to resist not buying more. If I find any more decent scrapebox proxy sources I will update this post, you’re more than welcome to check back here regularly.

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