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Scrapebox Keyword List: The Best Keyword List You’ll Ever Find (Hopefully).

Massive Scrapebox Keyword List
In order to scrape relevant websites in your niche, you'll need a solid keyword list.
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You are here because you were either snooping around the web looking for a scrapebox keyword list, or you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of Scrapebox and how a keyword list can help you.

As I am a relatively big fan of Scrapebox and I have committed a ton of hours to this software over the years, I’ve managed to create some big keyword lists to scrape A LOT of results. A Scrapebox keyword list is vital if you’re looking to conduct big scrapes, as well as having some footprints under the hood to ensure your results are relevant to your niche.

What Are Scrapebox Keywords & Why Are They Used?

Good question, it’s relatively straight forward and you may think this is down to common sense, but if you’re new to the Scrapebox scene then it isn’t all that easy to understand. So let’s get into it, of course, Scrapebox is a scraper and it harvests data from the web which then displays it in its beautiful GUI for your consideration. However, in order to execute on these scrapes it needs some *idea* of what you’re looking for, without keywords it will scrape any old junk, therefore you can tell Scrapebox what sort of sites you’re looking at targeting – you can do this by importing some keywords into Scrapebox.

Scrapebox Keyword List
The Keyword Scraper Within Scrapebox

You’re able to automatically generate keywords using the Keyword Scraper tool built in Scrapebox, or you can collect a keyword list from the web (that’s probably why you are here). Once you have your keywords, you can then include them in the appropriate section, it’s relatively easy, I’m sure you’ll get to grips with it pretty soon.

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The Scrapebox Keyword List (Finally)

I like to explain things in *some* detail before giving away freebies, I like to help everyone, both new and advanced users. You can find the list of scrapebox keywords below that I have used for personal, freelance and in-house projects. Please be aware that these keywords may not be relevant to your niche, so you may have to tamper with the list to suit your requirements, other than that if you’re looking for one massive list to scrape as much data as you possibly can, this list will be relatively useful. I also have a post sharing my favorite footprints, comments, and proxies too if you’re interested.

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  • Thanks for sharing, most of the scrapebox keyword lists that I have found are on a poxy forum. This is useful, it’s just a shame that it took be forever to find it.

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