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Scrapebox Comment List: Genuine Comments With High Approval Rate

Scrapebox Comment List
A Scrapebox comment list I kindly got together for all of the Scrapebox fans out there, use this list with caution as Scrapebox is effectively against Google's terms.
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I have been on a Scrapebox rampage recently, it’s probably because I miss using it in my day-to-day workflow, my process(es) have completely changed this year.

After posting an article sharing my favorite footprint list and keyword lists, I thought I may as well go all the way and share my Scrapebox comments list. I found myself Googling for comment lists when I first started out using Scrapebox, so this is me giving back to the community after a very good run with the kit.

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If you’re relatively new to the Scrapebox scene, you’ll probably have lots to learn and this is just adding more to your plate (my bad), but you’ll need a decent Scrapebox comment list if you plan to obtain links from a wide range of different blogs. You’ll find yourself using a combination of both keyword lists and footprint lists in order for Scrapebox to go and grab a ton of different URL’s that are worthy of posting a blog comment on.

Once Scrapebox has kindly grabbed a wide range of URL’s that are relevant to your niche, you’ll then need to use the blog commenting tool to *automatically* post to these blogs. Please be advised that using this tool is against Google’s terms, as you are automating the link building process.

Most blogs on the web have been setup by default to automatically consider all blog comments for approval before proceeding with a push to live (WordPress including), therefore in order to successfully obtain all of these links after all your hard work and effort, you’ll need some decent scrapebox comments.

The Scrapebox Comment List I Kindly Got Together

Please use with caution, if you’re caught actively using this software, Google may decide to take action on your site.

You may need to go through and read the comments manually in order to determine whether or not they are relevant to your niche.

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