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Google on Negative SEO After Real-Time Penguin (John Mueller)

Negative SEO After Real-time Penguin
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Lots of SEO’s have been discussing negative SEO ever since the automation of link building has become easier over the years, this includes software like Scrapebox, Ultimate Demon, SE NUKE and more .. software that can be used to automatically generate links to other sites via blog comments and so on. According to the Google webmaster guidelines, using automated programs to create links is against their guidelines.

Ever since Penguin has become real-time, it’s been speculated by SEO’s whether or not negative SEO exists now, as Penguin ‘devalues’ spammy links. Therefore it doesn’t take them into consideration in it’s ranking algorithms, rendering automated spammy programs as redundant. So in theory, if someone was to spam 50,000 links at Amazon, the algorithms would devalue them. Plus, Penguin is now on a page-level rather than domain-level which makes it even worse for negative SEO’s (yay).

Recently a webmaster tweeted John Mueller on Twitter stating ‘My jealous competitor in Perth launched negative SEO on my site yesterday. Any suggestions’.

John responded with ‘keeps them busy while you can continue moving forward :)’.

What are your thoughts on this? Is that Google telling us not to worry about negative SEO spam? I assume it’s more difficult to take down a site now Penguin is real time.

On the other hand, SEO’s who tend to perform negative SEO on their competitor’s site .. a) Can’t outrank them using white-hat techniques, therefore have to consider negative SEO because they can’t do their job properly. b) They aren’t good at making money via the web, therefore they spend their time trying to vandalize the web. I’m hoping Penguin being real-time has seriously crippled the negative SEO aspects, but we’ll see.

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