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Google Color Picker: New Feature To The Search Results

Google Color Picker
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It’s always nice when Google decides to implement a new feature to their search results, especially after all of the recent Gossip regarding mobile-first, interstitial and the Penguin algorithm implementations, I’m getting pretty tired of hearing about all of these now. Anyway, Google has decided to deploy yet another feature to their SERP’s and this time around, they’ve decided to add a color picker to the search results. How awesome is that? I think that’s pretty damn sweet – it’s always nice to see some additional features.

As I’m an occasional photo-shopper, I’m always Googling around and downloading Chrome plugins to be able to identify color codes, it’s a pain in the ass – however, with this tool I’ll be able to search in Google for color picker and it will present with me this magical feature:

Google Color Picker Tool

The color picker can be used in two ways, you can randomly pick a color yourself and it will display its unique hex code, or you can use the slider to expand on the wide variety of colors that the slider offers. The color picker includes color formats such as HEX, HSV, HSL, RGB & CMYK so it’s very flexible in terms of offering the right formats, by default it also shows the HEX codes and RGB on the side. I’m really liking this color picker feature, it’s a worthwhile use if you find yourself downloading color picker tools quite often (like me).

Google Color Picker Features

The tool also offers the ability to search for a specific hex code in the search bar, if you type in ‘#_____’ and Google picks it up as a valid hex for a color, Google will then redirect you to the color picker screen with the hex pre-selected. This will allow you to then get the RGB code and other formats for this color by clicking ‘Show Color Values’.

Google Color Picker Select Color

What are your thoughts in terms of the new color picker implementation by Google, do you think you’ll make good use out of it? We’re keen to hear your thoughts on the subject, let us know in the comments section below.

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