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What Is: Link

A link refers to a clickable hyperlink that sends a user from one page to another, links are used in order to send both users and search engine crawlers to other pages of your website from the page they landed on, in most cases, this will most likely be the Homepage.

If no links are present, users aren’t able to navigate between the pages on a website, therefore, the website would be rendered as a one-page website because they aren’t able to navigate away from the initial page that they first visited. There are two types of links:

Both of these links serve a very important purpose for not only SEO but also user experience. Links exist on the majority of websites on the web, it’s a fundamental feature that’s used in order to improve a website’s usability and the search engines understanding of the relationship between both of the linked pages. A link can be added using the following HTML code:

< a href="http://examplelink.com">text of the link here< /a> (without the spaces)

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