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What Is: Keyword

A keyword refers to the word of phrase that’s typed into the search bar of a search engine by a user, with an intention of finding a website about a particular subject. Everyone is different, some users tend to type in generic variations of a phrase, and those with a particular mindset of demand may type in something more targeted, such as a long-tail keyword that includes more depth.

There are different types of keywords that users tend to use whilst searching:

  • Generic keywords such as “cheap laptops”;
  • Branded search terms like “Facebook”;
  • Long-tail keywords such as “cheap laptops 8gb ram i7 for sale”‘;
  • Brand + keyword search terms like “Facebook Jobs”.

Once a keyword has been typed into the search results, Google will then use that information to scan its index and find a suitable website that matches their query. It will do this by analysing all of the pages its ever visited, filtering the pages that have the keyword in its content and then choosing the most relevant page, relevancy is determined based on its page rank and authority. That’s the reasoning behind why webmasters are seeking professional SEO assistance, in an attempt to better their pages authority, therefore, Google will pick their site in that process. The same applies to the paid adverts that you see in the search results, however, they use a slightly different algorithm called quality score.

Keywords may also be referred to as:

  • Query;
  • Search Query;
  • KW;
  • Terms;
  • Search terms.

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