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What Is: Internal Link

Internal Link refers to a link that’s being used to point to another part of the same website, this could be another page, a forum thread, a blog post, a contact page .. I’m sure you get the gist. It’s a link from one page to another page that’s on the same website.

Internal Linking For SEO

Internal linking is used for both user experience and SEO to not only improve Google’s understanding of your content via the anchor text associated with those internal links but to also help your users navigate around your website. If no links were present on the website, the user wouldn’t be able to navigate away from the Homepage.

It’s been known that internal linking is an ethical SEO strategy that’s used to dilute page juice to other areas of your website, this juice will help raise authority and to better your chances of appearing higher in the search results. If you were to consistently link to your ‘SEO services’ page with an anchor text of ‘SEO services’, this will signal to Google that the page that your internal link is pointing to is most likely about SEO services. This helps will the overall ranking process and to improve Google’s understanding of your website.

Placing internal links in your content to other relevant sources that are about the same subject will signal to Google that these two pages are contextually related and will help better the search engines understanding of the relationship between them both.

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