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What Is: Hidden Text

Hidden Text refers to content that’s visible to search engine crawlers but not the users themselves, this is a black hat SEO tactic that’s used in order to manipulate Google’s understanding of the content and it’s intent. Hidden Text used to be a viable strategy 10 years ago, however, as Google’s becoming more sophisticated and their ever-growing list of algorithms are becoming more refined, it’s easier to crack down on than ever.

I wouldn’t bother trying to incorporate hidden text into your SEO strategy as the chances are you will most definitely get caught doing so. Below are some examples of text that’s hidden from users but not crawlers, otherwise known as hidden text.

  • Applying a white color to text that’s on a white background;
  • Locating text behind an image, therefore, the user cannot see it;
  • Using CSS to position a piece of text away from the main focus points of the screen;
  • Setting the font size of a piece of text to 0, therefore, it’s not big enough to see;
  • Attempting to hide links in content by applying to an emoji or one character of text.

Google have specifically stated in their webmaster guidelines that incorporating hidden text or attempting to do so will be seen as deceptive and a violation of their guidelines.

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