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What Is: Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO, otherwise known as “White hat SEO” refers to the strategies, tactics and implementations that are accepted by Google’s guidelines, or in other words, tactics that Google likes and don’t necessarily punish for. On the other hand, if you were to incorporate blackhat SEO tactics, this would be against Google’s guidelines and therefore you may receive a Google penalty.

Ethical SEO strategies can range from:

  • Including a sitemap to better Google’s understanding of the pages on your website;
  • Adding a blog to your website, Google loves websites that frequently add more content;
  • Promoting their website on social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc);
  • Recieving natural links from other relevant websies in your niche;
  • Creating content for the users rather than search engines;
  • Setting up your website on analytical tools like Google Analytics.

There are lots of strategies that can be considered moving forward if you’d like to stay on the safe side of things. However, I would definitely recommend reading through Google’s webmaster guidelines as a starting point to identify what is considered good and what’s considered against the guidelines.

I personally find that when we’re implementing tactics, we double check the guidelines before doing so to ensure that what we’re doing is being deemed acceptable.

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