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What Is: Comments

Comments refer to the feedback that users leave at the end of a blog post, that’s if the website / and or blog has the functionality in place to allow their users to submit comments. The majority of the blogs on the internet are running via a CMS that has a comment system built in, this will allow the user to submit their feedback, suggestions, and comments on a particular topic once they have read the copy. The webmaster/community can then read these comments and contribute their own opinion on the subject.

Coment System On WordPress

On the other hand, comment systems offered by the most popular content management systems on the market may be manipulated by SEO’s to try and obtain links on other websites. In order to submit a comment, most websites require the user to type in their name, email, website URL and their comment. SEO’s will automate this process by gathering a wide range of URL’s that support blog commenting and then have a program submit this information automatically in the attempt of placing a link on the blogger’s site. Therefore, it’s important to have a captcha code setup to try and reduce the number of spammy attempts. You can read more about blog comment spam here.

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