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What Is: Broken Link

A broken link is essentially a hyperlink that doesn’t function as it should, therefore, once clicked it either:

  • Doesn’t send the user to any destination;
  • Sends the user to a 404 page because the link address was typed incorrectly/and or the page doesn’t exist.

Broken links are common on every website you encounter, as they are primarily caused by human error or because the websites links haven’t been updated when re-structuring, e.g moving pages.

Each and every website has at least one broken link and it’s important that the majority of them get fixed, in time. As having broken links on your site may indicate to the search engines that your content isn’t as relevant and that the page may become problematic for the user.

It’s also important from a user experience perspective too, as potential customers may decide to find an alternative website when hitting a 404 page like this:

404 Page Caused By A Broken Link

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