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What Is: Branded Keywords

“Branded keywords” (BK) refer to the keywords or phrases associated with referencing a companies brand name or identify on the web.

BK’s are also used in the link building world, as anchor text whilst including a link to another website.

Below are some examples that may be used as anchor text whilst referencing our blog:

  • SEMtuts (Brand name);
  • semtuts.com (full website URL including brand name);
  • SEMtuts blog (Brand name with other keywords);
  • The SEMtuts search engine blog (Long-tail branded keywords).

As you can see, a branded keyword doesn’t necessarily mean just the company name, in some instances, it can be used to describe the website in more detail, whilst making use of branded terms. Branded keywords can be used in search for two reasons:

  • You know what you’re looking for, therefore you type the businesses name into the search bar and hope that the right companies site comes out on top, e.g ‘Amazon’.
  • You’re looking for a specific type of page on a website, so you try a more descriptive version of a branded phrase, e.g ‘Amazon how to submit product review’

On the other hand, branded keywords are also used in the link building world, and the majority of people will use a branded keyword whilst linking to a website.

Sentence example: “To Learn More About Search Engine Optimisation, Head Over To SEMtuts.”

It’s always good practice to ensure that other users are linking to your website via branded anchors, as this will help create a more diverse link profile with lots of different anchor ratio’s that may signal to Google that your link profile is genuine. If the majority of your inbound links are using your primary keyword as the anchor text, this may be picked up by Google as manipulation, as it’s unnatural to have so many external links using the same text.

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