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What Is: Blog Comment Spam

Blog comment spam is a technique used by black hat SEO’s to try and manipulate the search results by automating their link building efforts. As most blogs allow comment submissions, some SEO’s will use software that navigates to the desired URL’s, finds the appropriate fields, enters the data and then submits that information to the webmaster to then include on their blog. As part of this process, if the comment is approved, the comment submitter will then receive a link back to their site that may or may not help increase website authority.

As we know, not everyone has the time to go through and finds sites to comment on, let alone craft a unique message to submit to each one. Therefore some SEO’s will use software to automate the entire process, from gathering website url’s that supports blog commenting, to generating relevant comments and using proxies to hide their IP address. One piece of software that’s known to dominate the scene when it comes to blog comment spam is Scrapebox.

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