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What Is: Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO is used to describe the strategies, activities, and techniques that are against Google’s guidelines and are designed to manipulate the ranking algorithms to result in higher positionings, via an increase in website authority. These strategies aren’t normally designed for humans, but for the search engines only.

Below are some example techniques that a blackhat SEO may use to manipulate the search results to obtain a higher search engine ranking:

  • Deliberately stuffing keywords into their content to raise keyword density;
  • Text that cannot be read by a human but only search engine crawlers (invisible text);
  • Duplicate Content or even a mirror site (the same copy, functionality, layout etc);
  • Cloaking (serving different content to both users and search engine crawlers);
  • Link farms and automating the link building process + lots more black hat seo tactics.

Blackhat SEO is primarily used to obtain the upper-hand in the search results and to make a quick initial income from obtaining a high positioning. It’s frequently used to make a quick buck, rather than naturally trying to improve your site over a long-term period. If caught implementing black-hat techniques, Google will swiftly act on this and you will most likely be handed a Google penalty, which will result in a decrease in organic revenue and the number of visitors hitting your site, due to your search engine positioning being crippled.

Those participating in black hat SEO may not care, or even flinch at the fact their site has received a Google penalty, as they will most likely register another domain and continue implementing the same spiteful tactics. That’s why webmasters “believe” that there may be a Sandbox that prevents newly-registered domains from having full effect in the first 3-12 months. Therefore, rendering the churn and burn black hat methods not as effective.

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