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Top 5 Chrome SEO Extensions That Will Improve Your Technical SEO Wizardy

Chrome SEO Extensions For Technical SEO's
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If you’ve been in the SEO game for a while now, or you’re just starting off in this new, exciting world, you will probably have noticed that there are certain processes to SEO that are replicated time and time again, especially if you work agency side. I like to consider myself as a Google chrome extension freak. I have so many installed that my chrome decides to randomly crash and become unresponsive, therefore I find myself trying out a wide variety of chrome SEO extensions to determine what ones are worthy of being part of my toolset.

It’s an addiction, even my work colleagues ask how I have so many chrome SEO extensions installed, it’s not healthy.

Therefore, I have decided to blog about my experiences with the available SEO extensions for chrome currently on the market and to create a list of the top 5 that helped me dramatically improve my workflow.

As I’m aware that everyone’s workflow is different, let’s dive into what I do. I like to consider myself as a technical SEO wizard, that sounds very disturbing but you get the gist, I’m involved in a lot of technical SEO projects. This varies depending on the requirements of the company, but I’m involved in site-wide https deployments, XPath site crawls, using Screaming Frog to identify mixed content errors, hreflang implementations, canonical tags, broken links .. lots of stuff that’s outside the normal workflow of any link builder or SEO content writer. Every SEO has a different workflow. So these SEO extensions for chrome are primarily designed for those involved in the technical implications of the SEO realm.

Enough gobbledygook and let’s start hustling, below are my favorite chrome SEO extensions to enhance your technical workflow:

1) Hreflang Tag Checker

In my day-to-day role, I’m having to check to see if hreflang is correctly setup on each page I come across, this is more of an on-going task that will involve regular moderation to ensure consistency across all of the pages. I find myself diving into the international targeting section of webmasters tools to fix any hreflang errors, whether that’s return tag errors, wrong country, language codes or general coding mistakes.

It’s not a requirement to fix hreflang but it’s best practice to ensure thatmost useful page is served in the SERP’s.

Redirect Extension

If you’re a hreflang addict, like me, then it’s a pain in the backside having to manually go through the site (or sitemap in some cases) and check to see if all of the entries are correct behind-the-code. This hreflang SEO extension automates that process and reports what it finds for you in its own individual tab, so there’s no need to manually go through the code, as it does it all for you. The extension will detect your tags, read them and then crawl those URL’s to see if they reference your site back. In essence, it gives you a fast, reliable status of your sites hreflang optimisation by a click of a button.

You can put an end to those pesky no return tag errors in webmaster tools, this tool will greatly improve your workflow and the time it takes to manually go through and check the tags yourself. This is a must have chrome SEO extension for any technical/international SEO.

2) Redirect Path

Instead of having to use a redirect checker tool, this SEO extension will flag up any 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP status codes as you navigate from page to page, simultaneously. It’ll look at client side stuff such as Meta and Javascript redirects w/o you having to do anything. It’s honestly a brilliant tool to have, it’s been a gold gem for me whilst working on client projects.

Redirect Extension

Additionally, as well as flagging up redirect errors, it’s also very handy to display other HTTP errors that may be on your page. The extension will look for the server IP, server types and caching headers, all accessible by a click of a button. Let’s not forget that this SEO extension operates from your computer, so it doesn’t communicate to any external source in order for its functionality to work correctly. It’s all done on your machine.

3) Canonical

A powerful SEO extension that reduces the time associated with checking Canonical tags in the view-source code. Instead, this extension will make you aware if there is a canonical tag present on the page and if so, it will highlight and display the canonical URL on hover over.

Canonical Plugin

It’s that simple.

4) Broken Link Checker

Having the ability to seamlessly check to see if your links are working correctly is essential, not only for SEO reasons but from a UX perspective too. You need to ensure that your links are working correctly, otherwise, users may be thrown at a 404 page. This doesn’t help anyone.

Broken Link Checker Tool

This extension effectively ‘scans’ your page and checks all of the links, this includes navigational links, contextual, footer and even image links. It’s a useful tool to quickly determine whether or not all of your links are working as they should, rather than having to manually check each individual one.

5) Web Developer

Lastly, an awesome web development extension that can also be used by a technical SEO for various activities.

Web Developer Extension

Belew are “some” of the features that this plugin offers:

  • Disable all images on the page;
  • Display all ALT attributes;
  • Display hidden elements;
  • Outline external links;
  • Outline headings;
  • Outlining non-secure elements (that can be used in conjunction with screaming frog);
  • Find broken images;
  • Disable Javascript;
  • Disable inline styles;
  • lots more awesome stuff.


Above are 5 awesome SEO extensions for chrome that can be used to make any technical SEO’s like easier.

These tools range from checking hreflang, canonical tags, broken links, redirects and other various elements on a web page. You can find some other great marketing chrome extensions here, these are more generic marketing ones.

I’m aware that I have probably missed some other awesome chrome SEO extensions that are widely used in the industry and if so, please do let me know and I’ll make sure to get this posted updated!

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